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 How Cabin  Molds & Plastic Ltd Handles Quality Control

Cabin  Molds & Plastic Ltd Quality Control Program:

A key factor in any a successful sourcing program is to insure products are is made to the client’s exact specifications. To accomplish this, we have developed a layered QC philosophy.

1. First, the client must determine what level of quality they want for their project. They must decide if the job requires a QS9000 or an ISO compliant factory or some lesser quality standard. Our Cabin  Molds & Plastic Co Ltd includes suppliers of all quality levels.

2. Next, CMP works with its client to develop a detailed quality control plan. This way the Asian vendor will know exactly which quality control procedures will be required.

3. If a supplier or project is new to us, the next step is to use our Quality Control experts in China to review the Quality Control Plan with the potential suppliers to insure they will have the necessary inspection process in place for the job.

4. Before a client’s 1st Article Samples are sent to our client, our Quality Control experts insure that the samples have been inspected by the supplier’s QC program. Our experts then perform a secondary inspection to “double-check” the product prior to shipment.

5. Once the 1st Article Samples are approved and the production run is started, our QC auditors again inspect the factory to insure the quality control systems are functioning properly. This includes randomly pulling product off the line and performing an “in-process inspection” to insure the product meets the customer’s specifications.

As the quality control and project management functions are included in our costs, our clients eliminate the need to build an independent project management and quality control staffs. This leads to significant hidden cost savings.

If you have questions, call our representative or visit our Inquiry page to get more information on how The Cabin  Molds & Plastic Ltd can help you obtain the highest quality at the best price by outsourcing your manufacturing to China. Let us help you start your international contract manufacturing program today.

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