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china injection mold/mould. mold supplier
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China injection mold. ijection mold design , injection mold manufacturer.     china injection mold/mould. mold supplier

1) We specialize in manufacturing plastic injection mould/mold. and production plastic production

2) We design and make the mould according to clients’ drawings and sample. include mold 2d drawing, 3d drawing. Mold flow analysis. ,technical analysis

3) Mould steel material: NAK80, S136, 718, 1.2343. 8407 ,2311 ,738,2344 .1.2767 or according clients’ demands. the mold base A, B plate material: 1.2312

4) We are experienced in both cold runner and hot runner moulds. hot runner use incore. mold master. ect

5) Lead time: 20-40 days after receipt of deposit and confirmation of drawings, mainly depending on the mould demensions and structure.

6) Payment: 5/3/2(50% deposit, 30% after receipt of the first sample, the balance 20% before shipment after confirmation OK )by T/T

7) Packing: Standard wooden case or as per customers’ requirements.

8)According to customers’ requirements  making the spare part.

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