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Mold china factory,mold china,mold manufacturer
Brief description
Mold china factory.injection mould china,mould china
mold china,mold in china,mold manufacturer.mold flow analysis,molding china.
According to customer design and manufacturing of plastic molds. High-quality molds, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service to win customers, "quality such as gold," is our life, "customer need" is the power of real commitment to "strive to achieve the imagination" is the power of real belief, Warmly welcome new and old customers negotiate. . Mold process: trial plan - preparation processing --- --- --- die mold machining processing core processing --- --- electrode mold parts processing - test - assembly - fly mode - tryout --- --- Qualified --- shipment inspection. Processing capacity: mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding mold material: P20, 718,718 H, 2738, for you to choose, mold: 45 # Pre-hardened> 30 hrc Cooling system: optimization of the water cycle, increase productivity, reduce the cost of your mid-term treatment: quenching, increase hardness. Recovery: nitrogen (nitriding temperature is low, the deformation is small, it is no longer the need for quenching high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear resistance) mold life: P20 normal use not less than 30 million die second mode of transport: in the mold must be installed before shipment clamping piece, logistics and transpor
Relevant parameter
Size: 200*40*120
Color: white
Weight: 0.85kg
Detailed profile

Part name: Plastic  mould/ injection molding
Mould Steel: P20, S136, 718,718H, 738, 738H, 1.2344, BeCu etc. (for reference).
Auto Lamp Mould Base: LKM( for reference)
Mould Components: MISUMI, HASCO, DME, PUNCH, etc. (For Reference)
Main Softwares: Autocad, UG, PROE, Catia, Solidworks, etc.
Services: Dedicated teams for each project to ensure quick response to any problem.
Our advantage: High efficiency, short delivery time, competitive price.
Injection mold/Plastic mold/ mold supplier  injection mold. Plastic mold. 2 k mold . Double color mold mold base

mold manufacturer

injection mould company

china mould factory.

For the custom auto plastic accessories: One in a plastic bags tissue paper, then put the bags in a carton
Delivery: By sea or By air
Delivery time:28 day

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Injection mold/Plastic mold/ mold supplier

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injection mold design


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