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Our company moulds describe below

Mold design:
     we have 15 special mold designers, 5 mold designers  rich experience in plastic properties and mold structure direction each team. And they will take each case seriously ,before designing start, our designer will run Mold Flow Analysis and making technical meet for each mold with tool shop and injection Dept. and making the mold report to customer. Suggestion improve the production structure ..  to avoid potential manufacture problem and trouble shoot. All of this is the strong guarantee of our high quality And Reduce the cost and delivery time.
Tooling Design Dept
Our service include :
     Industrial Design
     Structure Design
     Mold Design (2D , 3D)
     Making production and molds possibility analysis
     Mold Flow Analysis
Mold making
     the desginer sent the data to each department, all the maker must be according to the drawing to
produce the part, if out tolerance. we will rework. we unallow not OK part sent out to our cusmoter
we will try can delivery on time to our customer. if really can not. we will explain to our cusmoter
we are making the injection molds process..
1. got the data. making the mold feasibility (include technic analysis, suggestion modify solution)
2. making 2d mold drawing. sent out to customer ,during this time doing 3D data.
3. order material steel. during check the drawing.
4. start to machining.
5. QC department. check every process.
6.the injection check ok will trial shots
7.sent out sampls to customer check.
8.the customer check concerning assemble.
9.after sent out the  molds we will put on injection machine free running 10 hours. check the can mas produce or not
10 sent out the injecion mold out of china.
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