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    Cbin  Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd,we're the professional plastic injection mold maker in China, Here I would like to introduce our factory one by one,

1.we do all kinds of  plasitc injection molds and products. Such as Auto parts, Electronical, Home appliance,

Industrial, Medical and communication device,etc.

2.We have passed ISO 9001 international quality control certification systerm.

3.We can make the quotation for you reference at least 24hours. If you have any project in hand, please don't hesitate to send us,

we'll provide your competitive price with good quality and short lead time.

Welcome you visit our factory in you right time. Your prompt attention to us will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information, please refer our website:  ..Thank you..


   42# wanfu Road   Pinghu Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, PR.China Postal code :518111 
  Tel:+86-(0)755-89698547     Fax:+86-(0)755-89385672  E_mail:   SKYPE: wayle123.ning
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