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two color injection mold,2k mold, double color mold
Brief description
two color injection mold,2k mold, double color mold
We provide services to two-color mode: First, the false-color design and processing, two, true-color design and processing.
A mold of the false-color color, false color is the first beer out of a product, then the product set into the beer to another set of mold in the whole of another product! Design and processing services

Second, the true-color color molds, true color was divided into two independent two-color and mixed color bell: independent color, is made on the same machine to two different colors, usually through the replacement of the former model to completed (by rotating the mold), a two-color mode requires two sets of molds made of the same model after doing two sets, each doing a different set of front mold, mold requires the ability to swap the two sets; mixed color, Just a mold, require special presses, the principle is to separate the two into a nozzle, controlled by a separate individual nozzle injection parameters to achieve the blending effect. Design and processing services.
Main Market
Western European, North America, Japan & Russia
For the custom auto plastic accessories: One in a plastic bags tissue paper, then put the bags in a carton
Delivery: By sea or By air
Delivery time:35~50 day
Relevant parameter
Detailed profile


Cabin Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd Is engaged in all kinds of plastic mold design, manufacturing, processing, professional business with professional design and development and mold manufacturing division. Have a professional mold manufacturing equipment, superb technology, excellent equipment; adhere to quality-oriented, integrity management, with the majority of enterprises to establish a good relationship. Receiving customer information from a model → → → Create 2D/3D graphics drawings drawing → → confirm → CAD mold on the machine plus / CNC machining / EDM machining mold assembly → → → tryout sample delivery confirmation → A / mass → pay goods, a set of process services to ensure the quality of the mold, to provide you with a more solid guarantee. Processing equipment: CNC milling, engraving, EDM, wire cutting, drilling, grinding, general milling machine, CNC machining center capabilities: mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding mold material: P20 / 718 / 718H / 2738 / 2316 / S136 / for you to choose, mold: 45 # Pre-hardened> 30hrc cooling system: optimal design of the water cycle, increase productivity, reduce the cost of your mid-term treatment: quenching, post-processing to improve hardness: nitrogen (N treatment temperature low distortion is very small, no longer need to quench it with a high surface hardness (greater than HV850) and wear life: P20 frequently used model is not less than 30 million times a mode of transport: in the mold must be installed before shipment a clamping piece, logistics and transport service: one year mold warranty, free maintenance during the warranty Note: mold in the production process, we have to offer each week and photograph the progress of the mold

two color injection mold,2k mold, double color mold


two color injection mold,2k mold, double color mold

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