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tooling making ,Color toner color can be added directly to resin and masterbatch methods
Cabin Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd   2013-03-17 09:07:37 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Color toner color can be added directly to resin and masterbatch methods.
Dye mixed with the plastic resin directly, into the next step molding process, the process is short, low cost, but the poor working conditions, poor color strength, color uniformity and quality of poor stability.
Method is the colorant and masterbatch carrier resin, dispersing agent, other additives preparation of a certain concentration of colorant pellets, molding products according to color requirements, adding a certain amount of masterbatch, coloring to make products containing dose required to achieve
color requirements.
For colored resin masterbatch can be classified, such as ABS masterbatch, PC masterbatch, PP masterbatch; colored resin can also add process

classification, injection molding, blown film, extrusion grade three categories masterbatch . First because of the pigment masterbatch pretreatment, a higher color strength, dosage can be reduced and stable quality, transportation, storage, easy to use, greatly reduce environmental pollution.
Pigment dispersant by wetting, penetrating the surface to exclude air, the aggregates, aggregates dispersed into fine, stable and uniform particles, and no cohesion in the process, commonly used dispersant for low molecular weight polyethylene wax, For the more difficult to disperse organic pigments and carbon black with EVA wax or oxidized polyethylene wax, synthetic low molecular weight polyethylene wax and polyethylene cracking low molecular weight polyethylene wax, the rule of law are very different.
Other additives are coupling agent, antioxidant, light stabilizer, antistatic agents, fillers, etc., depending on the requirements determined by adding the amount and variety, known as multi-functional masterbatch, Again adding brightener is conducive to molding products release and improve product surface brightness.
Masterbatch performance with color, whiteness, yellowness, degree of yellowing, thermal stability, oxygen index, melt flow rate, etc., of course, the fineness of pigment, migration resistance, chemical resistance, toxicity and masterbatch performance of the tablets, some of the indicators is important in specialized applications in such as the value of fiber grade masterbatch pressure filtration (DF value) fineness.

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