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Common defects and Mold control,injection mold ,mold china
Cabin Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd   2013-04-06 19:59:31 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

Common defects and Mold control,injection mold ,mold china.injection mould china,mold supplier.


cracking is more common plastic products a defect. the resulting stress and deformation(mold china.

injection mold ,mold supplier) caused mainly due.there are residual stress.external stress and the stress

arising form the extemanl environment deformation..injection mold ,mold china,mold supplier,mold factory

,tooling shop. need attention...

Residual stress-induced cracking

Residual stress is mainly due to following three conditions,namely,filling surplus stripping and metal inserts introudced due,injection mold,mold supplier, as in the case of excess filling cracks generated the solution mainly aspects:injection mold factory injection mould china

11,the minimum pressure loss sprue, So if the cracks near the main gate generated in the straight,(plastic material)

you can consider using multi-point distribution point gate, side gate and the gate way to handle shape..plastic mold

injection mold ,injection mould..

12,ensure the  resin does not decompose, do not deteriorate under the premise of appropriately increasing the temperature can reduce the melt viscosity resins,injection mold,mold china,mold supplier,improve liquidity,but also can reduce the injection pressure ,to reduce stess..

13,in gerneral ,mold temperature is low ,prone to stress , should be appropriate to raise  the temperature, but whaen the injeciton speed is high,even if the mold temperature is lower,but also reduce the stress generated..

14.injection (mold china)and holding  pressure will cause stress for too long(plastic mould),shorten it or make the appropriate time packing switching th better...injection mould china

15.non-crystalline resins, such as as resin,injection mould china,ABS resin, PMMA resin than crystalline resins such as polyethylene,polyoxymenthylene and so prone to stess, injection mould china,shouldbe attention.stripping is launched, the stripping slope is small,injection mould china, and some times even created around the launch rod or broken bleaching phenomenon. produced by careful observation as long as the creack location ,you cna determine the cause .injection mould china..

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