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Mold china. injection mold china
Cabin Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd   2012-08-19 13:36:21 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

              Mold china. injection mold china

              Mold china injection mold china, We are produce the injection mold on china.

      We are according to the plastic material making the injection mold and choose the

      Injection mold steel material…mold china steel material For example 718,718H,2344, 2343,2343super, 2767,NAK80……Mold china….mold china we will the customer request custom The good injection mold .Mold china.

      If you only produce samples on china.. Mold china will making suit china produce..So..

      We will custom with produce the mold on china, custom the injection mold design…

      Mold china, injection mold china ,Mold suppliers


Mold china company

Cabin Molds&Plastic Co.,LTD are professional Making the mold on china..

We are have below strength…

1..We are have 3 senior injection mold engineer, 3 senior production design

Engineer, 2 Mold flow analysis engineer, 3 engineer ,4 assistant engineer..

Department,doing all the engineerning all the work perfect..

2.we are have good CNC department to machining the cavity core ,insert…

Injection mold part. Have the good EDM team doing the injection mold

Good the moldmaker to assemble the injection mold…

3.Senior the mold check engineer ,check the injection mold.. the mold check

Department will check and measurement the injection mold part..

4.the injection mold engineer will trial shots the mold ,and control the

Injection mold produce the smaples…

5.Final the QC department meansurment the samples and the injection mold

Ensure sent out the samples and the injection mold are good…

making the plastic part . must making the injection mold or making the prototype part. we are offer

these service it mold china

   injection mold suppliers

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