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The molding on our factory
Cabin Molds & Plastic Co., Ltd   2013-03-16 21:35:26 Author:SystemMaster Source: Font size:[Large][Middle][Small]

The molding on cabin Molds&Plastic co., LTD.

We will making the detail part line, draft angel, detail mould layout,

detail injection gate point and loaction technical analysis to customer.

then mean the customer everything will cearly. befroe machining the mold

we will making the mold flow analysis  decide which should be good for

injection gate point.

making the machining process control the quality.

making the schedule report to customer every weeks

The molding on our  factory. injection mold china,mold china, mold supplier..

mkaing the injection mould china, china injection mold ,

produce plastic samples ,first need doing the injection mould china

design,,, second need doing the injection mould mold flow on china

plastic material have many differance the parameter,,SO, the molding on

our factory we will according to the plastic material parameter doing

the good mold design,

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